Who We Are

We are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals from a range of different categories who dare to think differently about recruitment and who treat each assignment as a challenge. We have contacts with many highly qualified C-suite and senior executives covering a broad range of industries and geographies. Let us help you find the person whose skill set, personality and way of relating to others is the best fit for your company’s business and your company’s culture.


Our deeply experienced senior specialists will listen to your business strategies and analyse the relationships and themes of your corporate culture using the framework of the Birkman Method and their understanding of both local and international practices. This will enable us to generate the insights required to identify the qualities necessary for the best leaders, so we can recommend those best suited to be hired as C-suite and senior executives across functional areas maximizing value for your company through excellence.

Bangkok Executive Search Professionals

Board of Directors

Pongrapee Buranasompob PhD

Pongrapee Buranasompob PhD Chief Executive Officer

Pongrapee Buranasompob PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Led by the personality profile assessment and analysis expert, who serves as a CEO of BOTT, Dr. Pongrapee Buranasompob is a people solutions consultant, certified Senior Birkman Method Consultant with both a Doctorate in Organizational Development and another Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology.

He has worked as a personal growth consultant and human potentiality coach who specializes in both clinical and motivational aspects in helping individuals and corporate leaders find “people” solutions to develop work and life balance, reducing stress in communications and enriching team relationships in Organizations. Much of his work focused on deep personal work in the lives of executives to eliminate the stress factors which could affect their performances.

Busrin Treerapongpichit

Busrin Treerapongpichit Chief Operating Officer

Busrin Treerapongpichit

Chief Operating Officer

Busrin is the former Editor of the Business Section at the Bangkok Post. she began working first as a business journalist before rising up the echelon to become business editor and senior executive at the Bangkok Post in the period of rapid changes in the newspaper and the industry.

Since 2017, she has moved forward onto the next challenges by leveraging her decade-long experiences in media industry to arrange training courses focusing on the communications with the media to high-profile executives regarding media handlings in particular. As a COO and co-founder of BOTT Executive Hunt, she has utilized her 26 years of experiences networking with business and economics community to create the perfect matches for people to people.

Orajit Pongpa-ngan

Orajit Pongpa-ngan Chief Marketing Officer

Orajit Pongpa-ngan

Chief Marketing Officer

Orajit has been in a service marketing and sales experience more than 15 years in MNCs. Able to deal effectively with all type of personalities.

She founded a company, Rickaby Walton, a boutique recruitment agency based in Thailand but with a global reach. She has been using knowledge and experience from years of exposure within recruitment and business development where she has built a network of strong relationships across a wide range of companies.

Now that as a CMO and co-founder of BOTT Executive, with networks gained from her past work of Rickaby Walton, she dedicates the entire focus on providing BOTT executive clients with the most talented candidates in the market.