What Makes Us Unique

A CV is a good start for traditional hiring. However, it only gives a basic overview of a person’s experiences and skills and is unable to convey essential aspects of how well they will align with a specific role or work with a particular team.


Traditional approaches to executive recruitment, based on matching explicitly stated qualifications with defined job-critical requirements, are becoming less effective in identifying and recruiting the leader who could make an organisation stand out.


Our behavioural assessments can make a big difference in a company’s hiring and selecting results.


By using the Birkman Method® internationally proven testing protocol, we can find candidates who not only have the right objective skill sets but are also guaranteed to be the right psychological fit for your organisation’s culture, management style and existing leadership team.


At BOTT Executive Hunt, we base our recommendations and placements on the insights uncovered by the Birkman Method®, a broad and rich assessment of behaviours considered by experts in the field as the world’s most accurate tool for understanding an individual’s personality, social perception and professional interests.


We are seeking top executives through profound psychological insights to find the C-suite who can lead the team to overcome challenges and drive breakthrough transformation to ensure the company stays ahead.

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